As experienced founders and operators, Toshi specializes in shortening learning curves for early-stage founders.
Toshi empowers founders with a blend of financial and human-capital to bring big crypto/web3 ideas to life:
cybersecurity (zokyo)
token economics
PR & Storytelling
samy karim
Samy is a co-founder of Toshi. Samy was a member of the Genesis team that helped to launch and scale BNB Chain (BSC) to reach the largest number of users among any public chain. Prior to Binance, Samy was at ConsenSys in the Strategic Sales group hunting as well as leading client engagements. Samy holds a B.A. honors from Middlesex University and he studied PE from London Business School.
Hartej sawhney
Hartej Sawhney is a co-founder of Toshi. Hartej is also the founder of Zokyo, a global leader in web3 cybersecurity that has secured blockchain applications that manage over $200 billion dollars worth of digital assets. Hartej has helped pioneer the crypto/web3 cybersecurity space since 2016. Hartej holds a B.S. in Finance from Penn State University.
darius dumiński
Investments (Quant)
fode diop
vlada vasenko
Executive Assistant
Toshi is the brainchild of Zokyo, a leading web3 security company.
“Hartej is a rare person who both cares deeply about what you’re doing and about who you are. He has been helpful every step of the way from fundraising to company building and is continuously pinging you because he’s been thinking about you and wants to make a connect. Would recommend to anybody!”
bryan pellegrino
CEO, layerzero Labs
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A decentralized network that detects and reacts to threats and anomalies in blockchain systems in real-time.
LayerZero - an omnichain interoperability protocol.
a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of omnichain DeFi.
Bridging real-world data to automate, simplify, & secure the smart contracts of financial markets.
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