Toshi Fund I is a Move ecosystem fund, investing in passionate buidlers at the earliest possible stages.

Toshi empowers founders with a blend of financial and human-capital to bring big web3 ideas to life.

  • Engineering
  • Security
  • token economics
  • pr & storytelling
  • network


  • Move is a new programming platform purpose-built for highly scalable blockchains and other applications where safety and correctness are paramount, designed originally for Diem by Meta.
  • We believe that Move will impact blockchain development in the way JavaScript impacted web development.
  • Move is the most promising smart contract language today and it will be the language of choice for new entrants to web3.
  • Move is a superset of solidity, the programming language for EVM blockchains.
  • It’s a clear departure from the existing paradigm that puts the security burden on the developers.
  • Move takes away that burden by making smart contracts more secure and scalable by default.
  • If you are thinking about building in Move, please reach out to us.


We are experienced web3-native entrepreneurs and operators with merging business and engineering backgrounds.

Samy Karim

Samy is a Managing Partner at Toshi. Samy was a genesis team member who helped launch and scale the BNB Chain (BSC) to reach the largest number of users in any chain. Before Binance, Samy was at ConsenSys in the Strategic Sales group hunting as well as leading client engagements. Samy holds a B.A. (Hons) from Middlesex University and studied PE at London Business School.

Hartej Sawhney

Hartej Sawhney is a Managing Partner at Toshi. Hartej is also the founder of Zokyo, a global leader in web3 cybersecurity that has secured blockchain applications that manage over 100 billion dollars worth of digital assets. Hartej has helped pioneer the crypto/web3 cybersecurity space since 2016. Hartej holds a B.S. in Finance from Penn State University.

Andrii Sokyrk

Rust/Move developer

Andrew Zubko

Technical Advisor

Davorin Bebek

Head of Investments

Khizar Ahmad

Head of Research


We are thesis-driven high-conviction investors


We typically invest $100k-$500k from pre-seed to Series A rounds.


We are hands-on investors. From participating as core technical contributors to projects to running nodes, we will do everything needed to maximize the success of our portfolio companies.


We don’t lead rounds. We invest alongside qualified lead investors and partner with them on tech, security, token economics, and PR.

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If you are thinking about building in Move, we want to know about it.